coming hunting


Visitors & Subscribers

The SWW Hunt welcomes visitors and new subscribers, and if you have never been hunting with a pack of foxhounds before, your first day will be free.  
If you would like to come hunting with us please email Jeremy Cox, the Hunt Secretary, at, or telephone him on 01747 840325 so that he can let you know where we are meeting, where best to park, what day might suit you best and answer any other questions you may have.


We have a number of options, depending on whether you are:
• a complete newcomer
• a day visitor
• someone who would like to purchase a book of vouchers (which will give you 6 days hunting at a discounted price in the current season).
• someone who would like to take out a full subscription.

The costs of all options for the 2019/20 season are shown in the table below. We ask that full subscribers pay their subscriptions by 1st September and we encourage payment by direct debit.

Farmers are defined as those who derive all or a greater part of their income from a farm in SWW country where they live and/or work.  Their rates, which are negotiable, also apply to their spouses/partners and their children.

Ages are as at 1st September.

Vouchers – A book of vouchers may only be bought once in a season. If you wish to hunt more frequently, we would expect you to become a subscriber.


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